When there’s passion outside parenting

Okay, it’s true, my world is not always the sunshine and rainbows of parenting.

Yeah, okay, the parenting part isn’t sunshine and rainbows either. Not often anyway. But we already knew that, right?

I’ve mentioned before that writing is an integral part of me. This blog helped me grow and develop my craft until I was ready to conquer writing at the novel level. And thanks to over a year of Covid restrictions, I’ve found fiction to be a valuable escape.

I’ve also found writing about parenting has gotten harder and harder, because I’m so close to it that I’m constantly overwhelmed by imposter syndrome. Surely someone will show up at any moment and tell me I’m not qualified after all.

I yell entirely too much, frustrated by the unrelenting closeness to children who choose to live a life of fit throwing, ignoring instructions, being bored, and fighting with one another.

And my saving grace is knowing I’m not the only one feeling overwhelmed by parenting these days. We all need a break, an escape. Please find your escape, if you haven’t already. You need it, and your kids need you to take a break. I promise, it’ll make things better, even if only momentarily.

If you are curious about my fictional escape, well it mostly comes in the form of currently unpublished novels. But I’ve been dabbling in short stories as well. I’m including a link to one of them below.

Be warned: It is a sad story about post apocalyptic times. And the main character has memories of the loss of a child. But if you like dark, haunting short stories, this you may enjoy. I also appreciate hearts on top of views.

Thank you my friends!



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