The breaking moments

You know that moment when you are pushed so far you are about to fall off the ledge? And maybe you even do? You lose all sense of control, frustrated beyond belief, and can’t get back to a rational place to stay firmly grounded.

Your child, learning from home, chooses fit throwing over giving even the slightest bit of try. Your youngest joining in at just the right time, seeing you are about to lose it, throws every toy in sight down the stairwell, watching it all crash to the beautiful wood floors below.

The house is a disaster, and you are unable to keep anything neat and tidy, no matter how hard you try. Dishes pile up. Art projects gone awry scatter the dining room table, and floor. Laundry piles keep getting higher. All organization has left, leaving your home a disheveled mess.

Trying to figure out why you can’t gain control over your emotions, you realize you haven’t eaten. Again. And it’s almost dinner. But then, sometimes it’s hard to believe because you’ve served meal after meal, and cleaned up the remnants of kid-made snacks all day long.

And, speaking of things undone, you still have plenty of work you are supposed to get done, but, like everything else, you haven’t had the time you need to devote yourself.

Yes, this is when it all falls down. If you are lucky, you are still fighting back the tears. But likely, at least a tear or two has already fallen.

Then, you step out of your room, prepared for your inevitable explosion, to find an adorable scene. Stuffed animals lined neatly on the couch. And when you ask, you are told they represent Mama, Daddy, and the rest of the family.

And just like that, you are pulled back, rescued from the fall. Momentarily teetering on your tip toes, and reminded why you allow this dangerous dance in your everyday life.

Yes, this is hard. All of it. But, it is oh so worth it!


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