To the mama trying so hard to keep her home organized

To the mama who wants and organized home,

I see you. I get you. You are not alone.

You organize the toys. Sort bins by types of toy. You go through the puzzle boxes and make sure the pieces are in the correct box. You decorate the book shelves after sorting books by types and putting specialty items up high.

You separate crayons from markers and colored pencils. You put construction paper in one place, and coloring books in another. You designate special drawers for each type of art project, and make sure the paints are out of reach of little hands and curious inquirers.

You fold laundry and hang special things. Sorting dresses, shirts and skirts. Button up shirts are categorized by short and long sleeve, and not mixed with sweatshirts and t-shirts. Linens have a place within the closet that make sense and is user friendly.

Your kitchen cupboards are organized for ease and convenience. The drawers have designated purpose and keep things simple when cooking, baking and cleaning. In your pantry everything has a specific place to be stored.

But, your bedroom, where you are meant to have a sanctuary, is often a disaster. Bed made but laundry piling high. A catch all for things you remove from the reach of your children. Your shower unclean, because the rest of your world always calls your attention first.

And your carefully placed items throughout the house are quickly pulled out, and thrown elsewhere…

Toy bins dumped and mixed promptly after you finish sorting…

Your linens pulled down from the shelf then shoved unfolded on another…

Dresses are pulled off the hangers, leaving a pile on the floor and broken hangers in their midst…

Art supplies scattered and flung on the dining table, with tiny cut paper pieces all scattered under the chairs…

Trying to keep a clean and organized house is futile. Yet, you keep trying. You keep sorting. You keep attempting, hoping this time it will stick.

Mama, I see you, I get you, and you are not alone. You are doing great! You are trying, you care, and that’s what really matters. You’ve got this!

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