Work it Wednesday: Mix it up

Let’s face it, the monotony is driving the kids crazy. And, likewise, the parents. The same exact routine day after day is bringing us all down.

So today, on Work it Wednesday, we mixed it up! Not for the benefit of the parents, but to help the kids out with their motivation and excitement. Today I let the kids stay in their jammies until mid morning. I let our daughter play in the shower for over 20 minutes, making her day! And this afternoon we built LEGO sets, and train tracks, and played downstairs with all of it so we didn’t have to clean up the existing toy mess in our playroom first.

Sometimes our kids need a little motivation and inspiration. So today I encourage you to think of how you can do this with your kiddo(s). Just a simple change or mix up in pattern to ignite excitement and a feeling of self-worth.

Let your kiddos know they’ve got this! Because they do.


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