Daddy Takeover Tuesday: The one-on-one

As parents we can get busy. Caught up in the day-to-day, and forget the individual needs of our kiddos. This week my husband offers the reminder to spend time one-on-one with your children.

This can truly speak to moms and dads alike. If you have one child or ten, it’s fun to have family activities, but you can really strengthen your bond with kids when you take time to spend as a duo (just you and your child).

Children may have hidden insecurities or stresses they don’t know how to really express, or may feel embarrassed to share with the entire family. But if you foster your relationships with one-on-one time, it will allow children to feel comfortable and give them the opportunities to share their worries either openly or during the coveted individual time.

In addition it helps children to create strong, lasting relationships with you. And the memories, these will be strong! Children like to know they are special and loved for who they are, as individuals.

Finally, this allows the parents to slow down and get to know their children well. The foundations that can be established with routine one-on-one can be enjoyable and foster amazing relationships.

So this Tuesday, my husband encourages you all to take the time, one-on-one. Make a routine. And get those moments, those memories, developing!


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