I am rolling out some amazing inspirational products for parents…

Introducing The Parenting Roller Coaster’s inspirational, affirmative and motivational products designed to encourage you and the parents you care about. These products are designed to incorporate into everyday life as well as to send a little inspiration to others during those difficult times. Continue to watch this page as we roll out new items and add things to the inventory.

Parenting Affirmation Cards

This pack includes 15 affirmation cards developed specifically for parents. Post these cards where you will see them when/where you need them most. Not familiar with affirmations? Affirmations are sayings we can visualize, read, and speak to ourselves to encourage and believe in change and/or a state of mind. If we speak change in ourselves, we will live it! And let’s face it, parenting is hard and we could use as much encouragement as possible! $18.95 per pack (S&H included).

Parenting Greeting Cards

Do you have parenting friends, family, or significant others that you would like to send occasional encouragement to? This pack of 10 greeting cards can make this a reality. Keep these any occasion greeting cards on hand so you can drop a little motivation and encouragement into the mail next time a fellow parent in your life needs a little extra love. $21.95 per pack (S&H included).

Daily Parenting Inspirational Calendar – Coming soon

This perpetual calendar was thoughtfully developed and curated by Hannah Sharpe, the author and creator of The Parenting Roller Coaster. There are daily inspirational quotes developed by Hannah to motivate and inspire parents, as well as thoughtfully incorporated quotes from others that every parent should be driven by. This calendar does not need a start date of January 1st as it is a daily perpetual calendar, meaning you can use it year after year. Get this calendar and be inspired every morning to be your best parenting self.

Parenting Affirmation Cards

Parenting Affirmation Cards are now available! This pack includes 15 parenting affirmation cards that will be shipped to you. Cost is $18.95 (Shipping included).


Parenting Greeting Cards

This pack of 10 greeting cards are for all parenting occasions. Send a little love in the mail to a parent in your life. These packs include 10 envelopes and 10 different greeting cards. $21.95 (Shipping included).