Target – a retreat for the moms…

Target. The place moms have decided is the retreat we crave.

What is it though? Is it the one-stop-shop? Or the affordability? Maybe it’s the adorable collections they offer and the great marketing that makes us want it all.

Worse, maybe it’s because as moms we’ve let go of the things that seem unreachable. We’ve succumbed to the choice that a day at Target is great. Perfect for an escape from the routine and constant bombardment of children’s requests.

Perhaps it’s the quiet in the car between home and store. The excuse to get out on our own, and grab a coffee at the stand inside for while we shop. Is it the chance to listen to something other than Baby Shark? Undoubtedly, it’s at least that.

It’s hard to know why we flock to this store as a way to give us the relaxed, lowered blood pressure, state we crave so much. But, it works, and we keep coming back for more.

Regardless, tonight I’m thankful for Target in its entirety, this night before Easter. I gathered stuffing for plastic eggs, snacks, special Easter basket gifts, and wine. So much wine. Where else can we do all this?

P.S. – Target, you should know I call Costco the $300 store. But now, I grant you this title as well. Or rather, the $300++ store.


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