My Mom Club

This one is all about the moms, and for the moms. While the parenting club and dads are not left in the cold, today I can reflect on this, because as a mother, I rely a lot on My Mom Club.

Truthfully, I’ve been beat down lately, just like the best and worst of us. Trying to be a teacher to my children, a housewife, and a full time (and then some) work from home employee, has been impossible. This is not to leave my husband out of this equation, because he’s quite helpful (taking on at least his share), and in our household there should be at least two housewives and two housegrooms to keep up even slightly.

Regardless, I’ve been exhausted and feeling defeated almost everyday. I feel incapable of sharing tidbits of positivity and knowledge, because I’m not navigating any of it with any grace. While there are less tears than I had in September, there are still heavy moments at least once a day where I let my emotions take over (crying, anger, or frustration). Currently in fact, as I try to type, I’m hollering at my kids to not drink the shower water by licking it off the shower floor; a repeat offender for my frustration.

And I must say, without the group of ladies in my corner, for whom I’m referring to as My Mom Club, I think I may not survive. The best part is, when times get tough, our bonds get closer. And when times become the worst, they are the closest.

I don’t even have to see them face-to-face. On any given day I get a message from one of the members I’ve enrolled in My Mom Club. The given lady is typically reaching out to share a happy moment, to ask for advise, or to simply see how I’m doing. And, in every one of my days I reach out to at least one to see how they are, or ask for encouragement.

Of course, I’m also lucky to have wonderful neighbors I call friends, who may show up at the door with a gift or a thing of food for our family. Even a knock on the door asking to borrow my stapler leaves me feeling loved and remembered.

This week I received happy mail from a good friend, sharing with me her newest lines of Sassfirmation Cards. One of which was for mamas. What a smile I got reading each deck of cards, especially the set for moms, with one card reminding me to “stay calm, even in the middle of mother-f#%*^\! chaos” (insert hilarious, and mildly inappropriate language as appropriate).

It is such an honor, and a gift to be surrounded by so many friends (including my lovely sister and sister-in-laws, whom I cherish as much more than just a relative).

The main message today, is thank you! Thank you to all those lovely women who have accepted my invite into my proverbial Mom Club. But also, to all the other mamas out there struggling day in and out, remember about your own Mom Club. Your ladies are out there. They’ve got your back, and I’m sure you’ve got theirs. Give them a big virtual hug, and tell them you love them.

P.S. – If you are looking to send a little motivation and love in the mail, consider some parenting affirmations. You can check mine out on my products page. Or better yet, check put some Sassfirmations (beware of language – Kate is a firecracker with a fantastic twist on traditional).

For Sassfirmations:


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