Setup YOUR Success Sunday: Do we prep for back-to-school?

This has been an ever-growing thought on my mind recently. Do we prep for back-to-school even if our kids aren’t going to the school? Do we still shop for school supplies and back-to-school clothing? Do we do anything to really prep for a return to school that is all virtual?

Truthfully, I don’t have the answer. Until Friday we didn’t even know what our daily schedules for our oldest would look like, because the school district, like so many others, have been struggling to come up with a plan.

Today I made a decision though. There will be back-to-school preparation. It might not look like any school prep we have ever done. It might not be what we expected. But we do need to do something to “rally the troops”, to get our kids excited for the start of the school year. Because, like it or not, we will be back in school in less than two weeks. And we need to get motivated and prepared.

So, in our house this will look like reorganizing our school and art supplies. Potentially getting a big colorful calendar created for our dining room wall, and even shopping for some fun new supplies to provoke excitement.

On this Setup YOUR Success Sunday I encourage those of you with school age children going back-to-school online, to figure out how you will ring in the new school year. Will you go shopping? Will you clean? Will you find different ways to get organized? Let’s do this! Because it’s coming whether we are prepared or not. So let’s get prepared!

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