Falling off track for your good, and when to restart

I’ve fallen off track recently. If you follow me, you know I have a themed post every day. And some weeks I’ll miss a post, but I’ll get right back to it the next day. My daily micro-blog posts keep me going and inspired. And hopefully they keep my readers inspired as well.

But, I fell off track, starting Friday. I didn’t post Family Friday, and subsequently I didn’t write on Saturday, Sunday, or Monday.

It wasn’t that I lost interest or have given up. In fact, it was the opposite. Last week I struggled to find myself, in the business sense that is. I want so badly to be a successful writer, and create this Parenting Roller Coaster brand of mine. To build my following and inspire others the way I dream of. But this past week I was feeling defeated, as if this dream couldn’t happen.

So I paused for a long weekend. I paused not because I didn’t want this, but because I needed to reconnect with why I started this and continue everyday. What is that? My family of course. I spent more time with them, worked on projects for a comfortable living environment, played in the blow up pool, watched movies, and just plain played.

So what about you? Why do you do the things you do? Or why did you stop? Are you inspired to do something, or drawn to a goal but haven’t started yet? Or stopped because it was uncomfortable or felt impossible?

We can work through this together.

It is almost guaranteed that you will feel defeated and want to give up at different points in your journey. For runners there is a point right before the “runner’s high” where a runner feels like moving forward is impossible. It is only the runner that pushes past this point that will grow and improve, and experience the coveted “running high”. This is a great analogy to attach to any goal, big or small. We have to work through the hard parts to experience the successes we desire.

Pushing through these challenges, or rather, working through them, is important. And at this time one of the best things we can do is to reconnect with our WHY. Why are we here? Running this race?

If reconnecting with your why means taking a break, and being with that value that drove you here, then you absolutely should. But not too long of a break, because consistency in our actions can be a valuable asset to our successes. However, reconnecting can mean recharging and coming back even stronger.

This, of course, doesn’t have to be about parenting. This can be for parents working toward any goal. Even for non-parents, though I’m here writing this blog today primarily for the parenting crew.

The truth is, anything worth having and achieving takes discomfort and work. We just have to be ready to accept the hard parts. And we have to move in stride to make sure our actions still align with our goals and values.

So what are you going to reconnect with today? Why are you running on your current path? Does it still align with your goals?

You’ve got this! You can reach those goals!


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