Sensational Saturday: When happy memories are attached to places

My husband and I have many memories attached to the little moments of travel and trips. Things we don’t try to relive, but revisit to create more happy memories.

For instance, when we got married in Vegas we ordered a cake from a local bakery there. Whenever we are able to go back for our anniversary we go to this bakery.

Likewise, when we travel to Vegas we also try to get back out to Red Rock because the beauty in the desert and nature brings us peace no matter what stage of life we are in.

Today we are in Oregon visiting family. Our nephew turned three! While we are here, we plan to visit In-N-Out (new to this area last year). This destination, or restaurant, is something we visit whenever in Nevada or California. Now we get to add the Oregon location to our roster.

It isn’t necessarily the food, as we tend to avoid the heavy, fast food, options when we can. Rather, it’s about all the memories. And my husband looks forward to adding an Oregon In-N-Out t-shirt to his collection.

But…Perhaps this time we will have another memory/feeling attached to this visit. The wait line for the drive thru is likely going to be over an hour.

Whether we choose to wait, or give up and agree to try again during our next visit, this will be a piece of the memory file attached to In-N-Out, and added to our Sensation Saturday events.

What are you doing this Sensational Saturday? Whatever it is, make it sensational!


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