Work it Wednesday: Controlling the snap response

This Work it Wednesday is all about parenting. Kids benefit, and parents benefit. Really, a win-win situation, if done right.

I’ll be honest, it’s a great day if I can count on two hand how many times I raise my voice or snap at my kids. And it’s a really great day if I can count the number of occurrences on only one hand. But, honesty again, I haven’t had one of those days in a while.

I have all the excuses. All the reasons why I react the way I do. Simply put, parenting is tough. It doesn’t matter how many kids you have, or how much you have going on in life outside the kids. It is tough no matter what.

But, on this Work it Wednesday I am making a conscious choice to do better. And I will work on it every day until it becomes a habit. Communication is so very important, and how we talk to our children is everything to them. They deserve the same respect we expect, which means no yelling from either party.

I need to stay motivated and reminded of my commitment. This is important, and not just for today. I recently developed affirmation cards for parents, available here on my blog site, and they arrived yesterday! I am going to sort through a stack and hang up the most relevant on my bathroom mirror as reminders, and as a guide for my internal dialogue. It is amazing what a simple “I” statement can do to drive positive changes. And I am excited to set this in motion.

So who’s with me this Work it Wednesday? Do you need to stop raising your voice as well? Or do you have another parenting action you would like to tweak? I’m here with you! We can do this together.

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