Mombie Hack Monday: The hack for bug bites

How many of you are struggling with itchy, annoying, bug bites this time of year? We all want to be outside and enjoy summer evenings, but for many we are inundated with mosquitoes buzzing about and trying to bite us and our family. If you choose to stay outside and enjoy the evening, the next morning you and your family may be scratching those annoying bites you couldn’t prevent.

Yes, I do realize there are products out there you can spray on you to try to prevent the bites in the first place. And citronella candles can definitely help if you are near by. Personally, I don’t prefer the chemical sprays, and we move around too much for citronella candles to be effective. And, in the end, we may end up bitten by bugs even when we use all the products for prevention.

The problem is, once we have bites, they can be itchy, and so, we scratch. Even as adults we scratch when we know better. Young children really don’t know not to scratch. And the more we scratch those itchy bites, the higher the risk of breaking our skin and ending up with infections.

So what do we do to stop the itch?

A Mombie Hack I learned from my mother, which is simple yet always works, is to use Tea Tree Oil. Tea Tree Oil is an essential oil. You can pick it up at the grocery store, or you can pick it up wherever you get your essential oils. The bottle may seem expensive, but for around twenty-bucks, it’ll last you quite a while, likely at least a year, if not two or more.

Get a little bit of the Tea Tree Oil onto a Q-Tip, and rub it over the bites. Simple, and done! Your itching will stop. Usually applying in the morning then again at night works, but if you start feeling itchy again before that, you can apply more. There is no harm in using Tea Tree multiple times a day. The only downside, you may not enjoy the smell, though the scent will dissipate shortly after application.

So…this Mombie Hack Monday, please go get some Tea Tree Oil. This trick will come in so handy and will help everyone in your family to heal from the dreaded bug bite.

Also, if you dab a little on those unwanted zits before bed, they will shrink up overnight. But in this case, use sparingly because it will dry up your skin.

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