Daddy Takeover Tuesday: Take care of your body, take care of yourself

This week my husband and I have been focused on nutrition more so than normal, and appropriately since we are on day seven of our 30 day cleanse. So it’s appropriate that my husband asked for today’s topic to be on nutrition as a piece of self-care.

It might be even more fitting today for me. I have been fighting more pain, fatigue, and weakness since starting this cleanse a week ago. And, with all I’ve learned in my nutrition and wellness journey, I know I need to listen to my body. So, I reached out to my friend and nutritionist who agrees it is time to back off for now. To address the things that have come up, and to try to correct imbalances that may be present.

But, for my husband, things are going well. And, as with all things, support is key. So I will support him in his continued cleansing journey, and he will support me as I revise my plans and intentions.

And more so, it’s important to show our children how to care for ourselves, even if that means it doesn’t align the same as everyone else’s paths. We all have different journeys, it’s how we support one another that matters.

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