Mombie Hack Monday: Choose to be kind and reap the benefits

Have you ever noticed how being kind to others can invigorate your own well-being?

If you have not made this connection, I encourage you to try again and pay attention to what it does for you.

Kindness, as we know, goes a long ways. It benefits others, who will choose to be kind to someone else, and so on with a beautiful chain reaction. But it also does this amazing thing inside us. It ignites this positive chain reaction within our souls and drives us to be happier and brighter throughout the day.

Part of the trap of the Mombie world is being in a state of ho hum. A lack-luster, barely existing, state where negativity easily creeps in and takes over. But if we push to be kind, it will ignite life within us and pull us out of the Mombie status.

This Mombie Hack Monday, be kind. And then be kind again tomorrow. Let it take you over. It’s much better than the Mombie state we can be pulled into.

Today the kids and I ventured out to get our Curbside Pickup groceries. We needed to go because Miss A was out of training pants. Yes, the diapers that pull on like undies. We had ordered our version of the pull-up three times and not received them because the store claimed they were out, and they chose not to substitute. On the way there my husband let me know they hadn’t fulfilled this part of the order again, per the receipt. And let me tell you, I was so upset! I cannot manage three kids in the store when they touch everything and constantly touch their faces.

So the drive there, I gave myself a pep talk. And I chose to try kindness instead of frustration. When I called to let the store know we were there to pick up, I kindly pleaded with the representative on the phone to find a substitute, because I was desperate. And you know what, she did! They were so kind and took care of us.

A funny note, though it is too soon to tell…Due to the lack of diaper options, A had to wear undies, and just might be potty trained…

Be kind friends! It will get you far!


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