Setup YOUR Success Sunday: Get things done

Today I sat for over an hour watching my kids play, refusing to pick up my computer and get my homework done. Homework? Well…yes, for a continuing education class I am taking for work this summer.

But…my assignment was due today, and I had put it off until the last day, because I am a procrastinator. I suppose it’s because I thrive under stress. So this week, well this week I am striving to do something different.

Instead of putting things off until it’s almost too late, I will work at getting things done ahead of time. And I’d like all of you to join me this Setup YOUR Success Sunday.

Let’s hold ourselves accountable this week. Need some extra motivation or accountability? Comment on this blog post (whether on WordPress, Instagram, Facebook, or another one of my platforms). We really CAN do this together!

Taking initiative, and getting things done is important in everyday life. If we have the ability, we shouldn’t put it off just because it isn’t something we want to do. And if it is important to us, we can make it one of our priorities, instead of choosing comfort and pushing it to the back burner.

This week, let’s get things done! We have got this!

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