Setup YOUR Success Sunday: Start with making your bed

This morning I read a quote from William H. McCraven, “If you want to change the world, start off by making your bed.” This quote may be more powerful than we initially realize.

If you know me, I already make my bed every morning. It helps me to get moving and start off feeling like I have accomplished at least one thing. In fact, I have written on this subject before.

Essentially, by starting our day off making our beds, we set our minds up for a positive outlook. This happens because we immediately feel a sense of accomplishment and empowerment in what we do and what we have the ability to accomplish. Personally, I also feel a sense of being put together, because my bed looks clean, dressed, peaceful.

As parents, often woken up earlier than we wanted, we need something to push us back into the realm of positivity. We may have been woken up by an alarm, signaling us to start our days. Or, if you have children like me who are early birds, you have been woken up before your alarm by screaming babies or bickering siblings. Worse, you could be woken up by a joyful toddler who bursts into your room at six o’clock with a sing-song pep of a Good Morning Mama salutation. Okay, perhaps this is better than the prior, but it can be harder to embrace when you are not ready to take on the day. Simply put, starting with a simple action of making your bed can immediately force you back into thinking positively and moving toward a successful day.

And, as parents, we should not stop with us. In fact, having your children participate in this morning activity will help promote their positivity and sense of accomplishment. Have your children make their beds in the morning as part of their get ready routines. Just think, if we can change the world by starting our days off making our beds, what might our children accomplish?

Starting this Sunday, I will be encouraging our children to start the day making their beds. And, I hope you will join in as well by doing the same (including making your own bed). Are you with me? I hope you are!


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