Setup YOUR Success Sunday: Personal development

I believe we are all on a continuous personal growth journey. We can feed this drive through learning new things that are of interest and/or importance.

Personal development is such a great opportunity for growth, and can be achieved through various channels. I personally choose to surround myself with positive, like minded mamas who are continually seeking new learning opportunities. This helps my drive to continue to improve my writing and small family business. I also find myself in personal development with a focus on family, rearing children, nursing practice, and whatever else comes my way and challenges me to grow.

Personal development can be big or small. It can be as simple as reading a daily blog post, or as challenging as taking a full time course load at a college. Whatever inspires or interests you, take at least a little time each week to learn something new about it.

This week I am starting a new learning program with a coach who pushes me to continually improve. While I know this program will be hard, and will push me far out of my comfort zone, I am excited because the growth may be exponential.

Ignite your passion and strengthen your knowledge through finding a personal development activity that speaks your learning language. This task will be powerful because it’ll challenge your thoughts, broaden your understanding, and get you out of your comfort zone. This will lead to growth, and keep you ever evolving.

What will you choose to learn this week?

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