Setup YOUR Success Sunday: Find little ways to make everyone happy

I do not mean to approach this topic in the typical sense. It is not a parent’s job (mom or dad) to constantly make everyone else happy. But finding a way to create a cohesive environment where all kiddos are happy at once, means happiness and more ease for the parents.

So this Sunday, I recommend creating a plan or two on how to create cohesive happiness in your home. Simple shifts in your routine can make each summer day more manageable, either with a single project for all, or individual activities that are similar enough to happen all at once.

In our family, if you have just found my blog, we have been spending a lot of time outdoors. However, this has been a challenge for our youngest who wants to be walking and playing. Problem is, we can’t keep him from instantly traveling from grass to pavement, where he inevitably falls as he still learns to master walking. In this event one of us (me or my husband) will hold him until he screams, then will have to bring him inside where he can have his independent play in a safe environment.

So today we worked on a solution to change this. To help our youngest feel like he’s a part of the bicycle gang. We got him the famous little red push car that has been made for generations. And the verdict is out: he loves it! He feels like he’s now a part of outdoor play time.

Even the simplest of things can make a lasting impact in everyone’s happiness. And, in the end, the parents might end up benefiting the most as less stress occurs in managing every child’s wants and needs.

Today, find a way to bring yourself a little more peace in your week by finding and implementing the key to your family’s cohesive happiness.

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