Work It Wednesday: Live through your intentions

We all have intentions, whether simple or complex. We can have intentions meant for a single activity or intentions focused on long term achievement. Today I encourage you to live through your intentions.

What are intentions? These are things we plan to do, and ways we plan to do them. They are thoughts that provoke an attitude or behavior.

I have an intention to be healthy, and get more fit, so to live through this intention I have been getting up every day and exercising. For me it is important to remind myself of this every morning, because otherwise I will choose to skip my workout.

I also have intentions in my daily life I am not so great at sticking to because the stresses in life sometimes get to me. I have intentions to be more present with our kids, but there are days I cannot be as present as I wish. Some days I am not present for my children at all, juggling workloads and household responsibilities. Despite missing the mark though, it doesn’t mean I give up.

To live through your intentions doesn’t mean you need to be perfect. You don’t have to get it right every time. It is okay if you have moments you don’t feel successful. But what is truly success is to keep trying, and keep moving forward.

By setting intentions we put positivity out into our world. When we present ourselves with our intentions we remind ourselves what we are capable of. We work toward a better version of our already great selves.

On this Work It Wednesday I encourage you to think of what intentions you have, and to live through them. Set forth in your day, week, or life with good intentions and you will do great things!


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