Daddy Takeover Tuesday: Be a tickle monster

I am sure you have heard laughter is the best medicine. This is quite true. If ever you need a boost, or if you want to feel more optimistic, laughter is the way to go.

This is the same for our children. Laughter can offer distraction, change negative attitudes, and promote happiness. And what better way to get the laughter started than with tickling?

Our kids come to my husband daily asking to be tickled. It is quite comical to see them ask to be tickled, then giggle and shriek for it to stop. They know Daddy is the best source for tickles, and they know their laughter from such activity brings them joy. Even our youngest son, who is now 14 months old, has started making tickling sounds and attempts to tickle tummies and feet.

As parents the act of tickling is great too, because we laugh when we see our kids laugh. And playing with our children in such an innocent way promotes positivity and enjoyment.

However you choose to invoke laughter in your household, do it! Bring the happiness!


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