Daddy Takeover Tuesday: Choose to teach your kids kindness

In our household we love the saying: Above all else, be kind. And we believe in living by it.

My husband reflected on this today. With all the heartbreak in our country right now it is more imperative than ever to deliver the right message to our children. When we start with kindness, everything else will fall into place.

Our children will learn what we teach them. Inevitably that is how things unfold. But with this, we need to be thoughtful on what we do teach, because with each generation we can instill more change, more hope, more kindness.

Today I ask you, as a parent, choose to teach your children to be kind. Teach them the foundation of kindness, and why it is so important. Teach them to love everyone, to help everyone, to be kind always. With that foundation your children can do anything. They can change the world.

On an ending note, much like the opening quote, the other saying our family lives by is: Be the change you wish to see in the world. It starts with how we teach our children.

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