Setup YOUR Success Sunday: Exist in the moment

Sometimes we get so caught up in preparing our next move that we forget to just exist. While I am all for having continued movement toward goals (I live like this myself), sometimes we just need to be present and live in the moment.

This evening we did precisely that. We forgot about the mess in our house and the need to prep for our week. We just let the kids play with the neighbors for a couple hours. We let them stay up past their bedtimes. And we momentarily forgot about our responsibilities. It was nice.

Of course, that is why I am publishing this post so late today. And perhaps later this week I will regret my choice, only briefly, when I realize I didn’t get something done today. But honestly, it is okay. Sometimes we just need to be with our family, and enjoy our loved ones. Sometimes we need to close the electronics and stop thinking about our next strategic move.

Sometimes just existing in the moment is exactly what we need to be successful in our quickly approaching week. Take some time. You deserve it!


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