Work it Wednesday: Finding my words

If you haven’t gathered already, Wednesdays serve as my start days. Or rather, my get my bottom in gear days, as I realize the week is dissipating with still so much to do.

This week, and really even last week, have been a struggle for me. I am finding doubt and sadness rather than inspiration and positivity. For this I know I am not alone. But I know I must keep moving forward.

Sometimes moving forward doesn’t follow a straight line. This is something we tend to forget, thinking the path that is laid out is the only one. This is not true. The only real failure is stopping completely (aside from being present that is) when you are on a journey toward a goal.

For me, this meant switching gears in my writing today. Currently I am working on writing a book about parenting, but for a week and a half I have felt stuck and uninspired. So today, instead of spending another day staring at my scattered thoughts of a partially written book, I opened a new document. I started writing a fictional story.

Mixing it up, getting creative, and seeing things from a different perspective, can change everything. If could mean that your successes far exceed what you previously imagined. It is okay to try a new path. It is okay to restructure your goals. It is okay to improvise. And it is okay to pause and choose to be present, to listen to the world around you, and move forward thoughtfully.

If you are needing a new direction today, or at least an evaluation of the path you are on, I encourage you to do so. It is important to connect with your soul, or your inner voice, and listen. Stay true to yourself, be kind, and the rest will fall into place.


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