Mombie Hack Monday: Do what makes your soul happy

Let’s face it, as moms we have a lot of responsibilities. And while being a mom might be our life long dream, this alone might not make us feel complete. And if we don’t feel complete we may find ourselves slipping down the path of Mombie exhaustion.

I am not saying you need to find work outside the home, not unless this is your thing. I am saying you need to connect with your soul, find the thing or things that bring you joy, and do those things regularly.

So what brings joy to your soul? Aside from your family, that is. I know you love your family to pieces. Is it cooking? Do you love to crochet? What about organizing your life? Or gardening? Could it be bringing light to your community, or living an inspired life through your cultural heritage?

Whatever your joy, embrace it. Be you! And start incorporating the thing, or things, that make your soul happy. When you do this you will feel whole and the Mombie inside you will be suppressed just a bit longer.

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