Setup YOUR Success Sunday: Schedule your content

This post is meant for the parent who posts regularly on social media. The parent that may be a blogger, a business owner, or a coach. Or this could be for the parent who is hosting a party or two through social media purely for fun and potentially earning rewards.

Posting content on the regular can be daunting, to say the least. A well written, well thought out post can take time to develop, edit, and get just right. And getting this content posted at the right time can be an added layer of stress and obligation.

Let’s face it, social media can take a lot of time. And for some it’s important to make sure you’ve got it all just right. And when you are utilizing social media platforms for promoting things, consistency is key.

But for parents this can be hard. This takes away from family time, and unexpected situations with the kids can cause a bump in your social media road to success. So today I encourage all the social media, go-getter, parents out there to schedule your posts!

Find a day each week to plan out and schedule your posts. Then let your platforms post for you, while you spend the week enjoying your family instead of stressing about how to get your social media tasks done.

Be honest, if you don’t do this, you are thinking you don’t need to. You’ll just get it done when you can, each day. But…how often have you said that only to not post several days in a week because things didn’t unfold as you planned? This is parenting reality.

So, if you post every week, or just need to post temporarily, utilize your resources. Get things set up, written, and ready to go before your busy week starts. Today is your day to start being organized and consistent. You will thank yourself later.

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