Setup YOUR Success Sunday: Be kind and success will follow

I received a great reminder this week. I believe in kindness above all else, and we teach our kids this value as well. Sometimes the added reminder of the ties between kindness and success are encouraging, and this week I was grateful to get such reminders.

Sometimes we can get caught up in things not going right. Not going our way. And when this happens, our kindness for others suffers. Sadly, it most often impacts those we are closest to and care most about. But it is important for us to give ourselves grace and then work to get out of this funk.

It is true, if you do good, good will follow. Kindness is so important in all we do. If we are kind to others, we will receive kindness in return, which ultimately leads to positive vibes and a path to success.

A simple analogy…if you shout at your children and get frustrated with their simple requests (something we all do from time to time), your children will reciprocate with acting out and refusing to follow directions. If you are kind to your children and take time to hear them when they are sad, happy, frustrated, whatever their emotions may be, then your children will feel respected and then respect you. This helps immensely when you are trying to get stuff done, whatever your tasks may be.

Same goes for our interactions with adults. Adults need a little kindness. We do not deserve just to receive though. Giving is the key. And when you give kindness you should not expect something in return. This is what makes your acts genuine. With genuine kindness, success will follow.

So today, and everyday this week, month, and year…be kind. It will take you far, and you will appreciate the effects it has on others and on yourself.


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