Setup YOUR Success Sunday: Clean your floors

How does having clean floors set you up for success? No matter how funny it sounds, it actually is relevant. Let me tell you how.

Have you ever noticed how easily you can focus if your space is clean? And how often you look at your floors? They tie together. Even if your house is picked up, a dirty floor will make you feel distracted and anxious, and likely leave you questioning why. This is because the visual message delivered to us through our unclean floors subliminally makes us feel overwhelmed. And with such a message we often won’t connect the floors to our feelings.

Likewise, when our floors are clean, we have a sense of calm. Peace in having a well kept space. Relief in one less task to get done during the week.

So this week I encourage you to take some time to clean your floors. Sweeps vacuum, mop…whatever you need to do. When your floors are visually appealing, you will be able to focus and get more done. Not to mention the feeling of accomplishment that comes with completing such a chore.


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