Setup YOUR Success Sunday: Enjoy Mother’s Day

Sometimes the best thing you can do to be successful is to take some much needed down time. Mama, you are going ALL the time! Today is a day to celebrate all you do, so today you should take a break!

Today our house is a mess from the week. The counters are piled with accumulated toys, mail and junk. The floors are looking a bit haggard with dust bunnies where shoes, balls, and games aren’t scattered. Laundry could use a fold, and bedrooms picked up. But today…today we spend the day just enjoying ourselves.

Gardens might be the only accomplished tasks on our ever growing lists. This was a desire of mine, and something I enjoy when needing to find some calming moments and relaxing tasks. The kids enjoyed planting seeds in the vegetable garden, and I picked out some marvelous plants to serve as accents and dividers for us and our neighbors.

As a mom, I can relate to the continued need to accomplish things, get things done, and plan, plan, plan for whatever is next. We don’t often stop to just be present and enjoy the life we have created. So today I encourage you to take at least a little time. Because sometimes the thing we need to be the most successful in our week, is to recover and take a break before we propel forward into Monday. After all, there’s no better excuse to stop than Mother’s Day.

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