Active Saturday: Sprinkler Time!

Today it feels like summer. In May! What a blessing to have felt the 80 degree warmth on our skin as we still attempt to persevere the Coronavirus restrictions.

This time has been a challenge for everyone, but as many have discovered, the simplest of things make a miraculous difference. And today, that thing was playing in the sprinkler.

The kids talked about it yesterday, so excited for the “summer” to be here. Summer in spring time is exactly how it felt, so we let the misunderstanding slide. And this morning when they woke up they wanted to put on their swimming gear so they’d be ready. So sweet! So exciting to see the beautiful weekend through their eyes.

By noon it was more than warm enough for the shocking cool of the sprinkling water. And good thing because the kids were squirming with anticipation. On the hose went, and the rest was history. The kids played in the water for the better part of the day.

Tonight they will sleep well. Satisfied with their extraordinary expectations being met. And tomorrow…well, tomorrow holds water balloons.

For a great activity with your kids, a little jaunt through the sprinklers will get them moving, and you enjoying their joy. Get out and play!


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