Self-Care Thursday: Gardening

Beautiful colors of landscaping, flowers in full bloom, aromatherapy from blossoms… It seems timely to discuss gardening as Spring is in full swing.

For many, gardening is a way to retreat, reconnect and decompress. Simply getting your hands in the dirt and planting something can feel rejuvenating. And it doesn’t stop there. These beautiful plants need continued love and care, and to provide this routinely can ground even the best of us.

One of the most rewarding pieces of gardening and maintaining my plants is the ability to keep them alive, well nourished and always growing. I love to see the blossoms on my flowers, and watch my blueberry bushes produce a larger crop every year.

Not a gardener? Consider a cactus or another low maintenance plant. This option is great and still gives the same sense of pride and connection to the earth without much added responsibility.

Today I encourage you to try this therapeutic activity as a piece of your self care. Go grow something! Your soul and the earth will thank you.


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