Mombie Hack Monday: Stretch it out

Do you feel rickety and sore, with mornings where your body just won’t move like it used to? Or at the end of the day is your body hurting with desire for a massage? I feel this is relevant for all parents right now! Especially if you are now working from home and sitting a ton.

Stretching is so beneficial in setting your body in motion and feeling as though you can conquer anything. It may seem so hard to find time to stretch, but you can get it done by allowing yourself segments of stretch time throughout the day. You can even get your kids involved by stretching themselves.

Stretching not only allows you to limber up, but it also keeps your muscle pain levels down. It can decrease the need for massage by loosening muscle tightness through fluid movement. And it can help you to feel more alive and ready for your day.

You got this Mama! Go stretch it out!


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