Setup YOUR Success Sunday: Groceries

Let’s be real, not many of us actually want to go grocery shopping on our weekends (whether your weekend is traditional or in the middle of the week). But taking the time to plan out your food for the week can be really beneficial to a successful week.

I’ll be honest, I am not great at going shopping over the weekend. I usually have good intentions, but fun and family time get in the way. In addition our grocery store doesn’t get deliveries in on Sunday which limits food availability, especially in terms of fresh produce.

But, if you get your groceries in order before the week starts, you will limit your need to order or eat out. Our weeks can be exhausting, and our desire to shop will lesson as the week progresses. So if you are able, shopping during your weekend will set you and your family up for a successful food week.

If you absolutely can’t or won’t shop on your weekend, I have another suggestion. While shopping might not be in the cards, creating a list can be. I’m not asking you to be so organized that you plan out every meal because this doesn’t work for many. But simply creating a list of necessary groceries will help you prepare for a frantic Monday evening shopping trip. You won’t be driven by hunger and desperation, but a plan instead.

So today I encourage you to make a list, aim for nutrition, and get your general food plan in place. And if you can, execute that shopping list so your week days or nights home can be more focused on family, and less on getting things done.

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