Daddy Takeover Tuesday: Downtime with your significant other

My hubby is a BIG advocate for taking time each day with your significant other. He also believes in the importance of date nights and taking trips without the children. So today we focus on recharging yourself by taking downtime with your spouse or significant other.

Dads and moms out there, this message is for both of you. It is important to take time to enjoy the company of the person you choose to be with. To connect and find joy with that person. It allows you to feel loved, and to show the love you have for him or her.

Human connections are so important, and taking time to foster your relationship is imperative to its success and wellbeing. This reminder is not meant for just romantic relationships either. There are many parents out there going at this thing alone. For these parents it’s so important to take time to connect with those in your wheelhouse, such as a good friend or family member.

At the end of our days sometimes we can feel so exhausted and warn down by all our children need and the responsibilities that demand our attention. It can feel overwhelming to take time to give to someone else. But remember, you aren’t just giving, you are receiving. That person is there for you too! You are in this together, and it’s okay to lean on each other.

If you haven’t taken time to spend with your person recently I encourage you to start today. It doesn’t need to be big. Simply sit and talk with one another, or watch a TV show together. Just be present.


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