Active Saturday: Play Outside!

Running out of ideas to get your family moving? Think simple, think outdoors. As we are now in Spring and the days are getting longer, one of the best things you can do to promote your family’s health and encourage activity is to get outside.

Simply by going outside you activate movement and shut off the devices that keep us glued to the chair. The fresh air is good for your body as well.

Children get excited about going outside and immediately get moving. They can ride bikes, scooters, push toys. They can run around and play tag or hide-and-seek.

And going outside shouldn’t just get your kids moving, but you too. Play games with your kids. Toss the ball. Or simply walk back and forth while they play. Think of outside time as active time, and get moving.

This Saturday I hope you and your family get outside, and start making it a part of your routine.


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