The Micro Daily

I am excited to introduce The Micro Daily, a new blogging format I am adding to my existing blog. The Micro Daily is referring to daily microblog posts that I will be sharing, with a day-of-the-week theme attached to each.

What is a microblog post? A microblog post is a singular focused blog post. This means each blog post will focus on just one thing and will be a quick, one to two minute read. It allows readers to get information quickly and work it into their busy parenting lives.

Why microblogging? Well, I’m glad you asked! For my Master’s degree (in nursing education) I had to complete a final research project. My project was on microlearning. I learned, and became passionate about this concept of delivering a “micro” amount of content to people for the best way of learning and absorbing information.

What will the day-of-the-week themes be?

Monday: Mombie Hack Monday

Tuesday: Daddy Takeover Tuesday

Wednesday: Work It Wednesday

Thursday: Self-Care Thursday

Friday: Family Friday

Saturday: Active Saturday

Sunday: Setup YOUR Success Sunday

These daily posts will be tagged with the day-of-the-week theme (noted above) and will also be tagged with “The Micro Daily”. If you are intrigued, and would like to subscribe to my blog and receive notifications when there are new posts, simply follow the subscription directions at the bottom of the page.


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